Our Process

To make sure you get exactly the results you need, we’ve got a well refined process in place that delivers top-notch results. We work with you through five phases, making sure that business and user’s needs are met.

Phase 1

Discuss and Agree

  1. Initial Contact via zoom or email
  2. Get clarity on your idea, business’s goals
  3. Send proposal and contract
  4. Schedule your project
  5. Collect 50% deposit
  6. Project commences

Phase 2

Discover and Plan

  1. Explore your ideas and how to achieve them
  2. Establish a clear brief and how to go about meeting it
  3. Define the project scope
  4. Finalise technical requirements and implement key milestones
  5. Add you to our project management system
  6. Match each stage with a sign-off point for your approval

Phase 3

Design and Build

  1. Establish the information architecture
  2. Create wireframes
  3. Build prototypes
  4. Build technical infrastructure
  5. Add the content
  6. Blend the design and functionality together

Phase 4

Launch and Handover

  1. Work through the quality control checklist
  2. Get a staging link to see the work before it goes live
  3. Submit final approval
  4. Project sign-off
  5. Website goes live
  6. Learn how to update text and image content on your website

Phase 5

Measure and Nature

  1. Host and take care of the website whilst you focus on your business
  2. Funnel traffic to your website
  3. Review data and make informed decisions on the data obtained
  4. Explore new solutions and strategies for your website as it grows

Add instant value to your website visitors and initiate a long term relationship.